Standsome Double

The standing desk with a spacious work surface

$294,99 USD

Turn your desk into a healthy standing workstation with the Standsome Double standing desk. Its two extra-wide shelves provide you with an extended and ergonomic work surface. Stable, elegant and easy to assemble!

$294,99 USD

An unmatched workspace

Two worktops are better than one. Especially when you need enough space for a laptop, keyboard, mouse, chai latte and articles on the socio-economic impacts of working from home (we know you get it). The Standsome Double is a two-tiered portable desk with an adjustable height to give you all the options when it comes to ergonomic comfort.

A local and eco-friendly desk

Two shelves are better than one, especially when they’re made right here at home with the planet’s health in mind. The Standsome Double is good for you, good for the planet and good for the local economy.

Quick and easy assembly

Our Double desk comes in five pieces that fit together in a snap, including four silicone legs for stability and protection. Setting up your Standsome couldn’t be simpler.

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