the history of our origins

Many successful companies have started out of a simple need or by accident. Standsome’s story is no different. Back in 2017, we only wanted to buy stand-up desk stands for employees of another company we operated. It wasn’t easy as we only found rather unsightly assemblies or plain cardboard boxes. We decided to work part time on a design with an aeronautic engineer friend. What looked simple wasn’t so trivial. After six months, many drawings and a mountain of wood chips, the Standsome finally stood on our table. It quickly became the workplace favorite and since office visitors loved the idea so much, we figured we might be on to something. We decided to produce more units and have not stopped to this day!

Since our official beginning in 2018, we’ve enjoyed very significant growth. In fact, The Standsome in now in offices, librairies and university study rooms all over Europe.

Our company is headquartered in Germany where all European operations are conducted. In 2021, North American manufacturing, market development and sales started to be handled locally through a sister company, Standsome Americas Inc.

Compare our three models and find
the one that best fits you

The Standsome is available in various sizes and designs. It’s also adjustable in height: hence a Standsome for Everyone. With our Standsome portfolio, we bridge the gap between complex, expensive, bulky desks and smaller products that are not very ergonomic and often unstable.

Easy to handle and sturdy, the Standsome standing desk upgrade converts any desk into a standing desk in the blink of an eye, while improving health and productivity.