You don’t understand why you should have a Standsome?     You are allergic to wood?

You want an interview?     You want to know which other Standsome variations we can offer?

Your Standsome dropped off the table?     You can’t find your Standsome anymore?

You want to wash your Standsome?     You are lonely?     You want to buy a lot of Standsomes?

You want a very special Standsome?     There is something wrong with the website?

You find us childish?     You want to vote for us?

You want to know how many Standsomes fit into a Jumbojet?     You have back pain?

You have a good idea?     You have improved our Standsome?     You copied the Standsome?

You’re bored and want to contact us just for fun?

You want to know if the Standsome is suitable for small children?

You put your Standsome into the microwave?     You put the Standsome together wrong?

You lost your Standsome?     You never received your Standsome?

You don’t want your Standsome anymore?     You want to meet other Standsome customers?

You think the Standsome is too cheap?     You want to give a Standsome as a gift?

You don’t believe a word we say?     You want to model for the Standsome?

You want to work with us?     You always had the idea for the Standsome and never built it?

You want us to donate to you?     You want to donate to us?     You don’t get the name?

You don’t understand the world anymore?     You’re wondering why we’re so foolish.

You just wanted to say something?     What about it?


Write to us! That’ s a pleasure. We really appreciate it. Because in the long run it gets pretty lonely between moulding cutters, sawdust and paint cans. We love our customers and would like to get to know you. See you soon!