Work Standing Up

Who sits longer, lives shorter.

Back trouble is a widespread problem in North America.
Office workers particularly suffer from long hours of sitting.

Human beings aren’t made to sit for too long.

A high proportion of people sitting and working at a desk complain about back pain. Back problems and musculoskeletal disorders are accountable for the majority of medical leave cases related to office work. Evidences of causality between long sitting  periods and serious physical problems are gaining more and more traction.

Office workers spend approximately 80,000 hours of their professional life sitting. This number is constantly increasing.

On average, every adult spends 11.5 hours per day sitting. Even primary level students sit for 9 hours a day. While you’re reading this text, you’re probably sitting as well, right?
When did you last stand up for a short moment or made a few steps? For how long have you not moved around?

According to studies on this matter, probably not enough!
Due to digitalization and change in office work, we spend far more time sitting down at home or at work than we use to 20 years ago.

Front view of a height adjustable Standsome Free standing desk made of maple with a two shelves in an indoor setting showing a standing position with laptop and remote keyboard and mouse

The Standsome Free

The Standsome Free is an all-in-one portable desk that stands upright on the floor like an artist’s easel. This modern multitasker gives you the freedom to move from room to room and to work standing up or sitting down—wherever the inspiration takes you. Spark your imagination and step up your space with the Standsome Free, available with one or two shelves.


believe it

If one follows scientific studies’ advices, one can work at a monitor-based workplace without any problem. For example, there are ergonomic office chairs that offer adjustable height and positions.

In accordance with present findings however, it’s not the incorrect, uncomfortable or crooked position, that causes major health problems, but rather the prolonged and recurrent periods of sitting.

Who hasn’t yet heard the saying: “Only a hard chair is a good chair.”?

Why is that true?

It’s true because we move around and constantly change posture.

In comparison, slumped on the sofa, being comfortable without moving for hours is actually bad. In fact, sitting motionless however comfortable, leads to degeneration of abdominal and back muscles. Moreover, intervertebral disks get thinner due to constant pressure.

So, how can thess problems be solved?

One option would be to sit on a hard chair. Of course, that would be uncomfortable and distracting.

The best option, Standsome.

“Stand up for what you believe in. Even if that means standing alone.” 


Standing stamina

Choose to alternate standing and sitting using a Standsome.

Please understand that it’s not totally without problems either:
First, standing constantly is even less comfortable than sitting on a hard chair. Already after an hour or two, the muscles start to tire.

Moreover, standing can mean losing the “flow” (periods of work with optimal levels of concentration). During the “flow” not only are we very productive, but we are also happier.
This can be explained because when we are standing, we are focused, but not as oblivious to everything around us as if we were sitting in a wing chair with our feet on the table.

In addition, there is no evidence at all that standing is healthier than sitting. The two positions seem to be complementary.

The Department of Biomechanics at the University of Ulm recently found that spinal tension when standing is just as high when sitting, which kind of makes sense logically.

Thus, the permanent change of posture and regular physical activity during office work are decisive.

Napoleon & Hemingway can't be wrong

Already back in their day, Napoleon, Goethe, Schiller and Hemingway praised the standing desks.

Still, over the years, this traditional writing and reading aid was replaced by normal desks and chairs.

Today, standing desks options are more and more common in furniture manufacturer portfolios. Interestingly enough, starting back in 2007, a high school in Neumark (Vogtland), Germany, made standing desks a default standard.
The reason for this renaissance of standing desks in the current market is the dramatical increase of back pain complaints which now cause more than 30% of all sick leaves.

What happens when there are no standing desks available to you, when your office desk doesn’t have any motor to help you rise it or when your company thinks of standing desks as unnecessary?

Well, then, Standsome can help!

8 reasons why

How Standsome can help you

There are many good reasons for working with the Standsome. Choose one, chose a couple or chose them all!



Health and karma

By ensuring that your employees sit less and move more, you prevent back damage and increase productivity.


Flexible and fit

The Standsome has defined height levels which allow you to adjust it to your individual height and needs. Its construction is simple but clever. Tall and small people can use it in accordance with their ergonomic requirements.


Handy and spontaneous

The Standsome is assembled quickly and simply. As soon as you feel like moving around a bit, your Standsome is ready for action in just a few seconds. No time for long preparation – no chance for excuses. This is how working is enjoyable.


Well disigned, affordable and clever

Keep your existing, possibly valuable and cherished desk. You don’t have to invest in anything more at all. Everything stays as it is. You only need the Standosome to convert every table into a standing desk, and a healthy upgrade. Many co-working spaces and agencies already use the Standsome.


Little money

The Standsome is cheaper than most conventional standing desks – but at the same time more reliable, more robust and more stylish than boxes of cardboard. Those are not ergonomic and after the third setup and dismantling they are busted.


Valuable and genuine

The Standsome is solid, sturdy and long-lasting. Manufactured by professionals for professionals – designed in Germany, locally made in North America.


Just practical

With the Standsome, it’s possible to work everywhere. Whether in the living room, in the garden or on the veranda – just take your Standsome with you. Our Standsome Slim is particularly handy. When you want to upgrade your study, the Standsome fits in any corner.


Do a good deed

With the purchase of each Standsome, one tree will be planted. You buy a Standsome made of genuine wood, we plant a new tree in North America through our non-profit partnerships in Canada and the USA.