Who we are

We never thought working this hard and this much could be so much fun. Our teams accross two continents spare no effort and do almost everything themselves: from design to order processing and distribution. As for production, it’s carried out with local wood suppliers and specialized subcontractors in Europe and North America. Our goal is to favor local economies while staying true to our environmental and sustainability commitment of lowest carbon footprint possible.  

Our Team

Photo of Mr. René-Pierre Lavoie co-founder of Standsome Americas Inc.

René-Pierre Lavoie

Standsome Americas

Intensity, loyalty and respect. Three words that are central to René-Pierre’s approach of business. A true entrepreneur, his unique personnality will make you want to be his teamate, his friend and win! Maybe this is why he is so good in sales and marketing!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ”
– Winston Churchill

Photo of Mr.Éric LeBel co-founder of Standsome Americas Inc.

Éric LeBel

Standsome Americas

Eric likes bikes, science, numbers and details. That makes him the perfect freak to design financial projections and translate these into a fully functional company. For him, nothing is small enough or big enough!?! It ultimately means that  there are no irrelevant tasks and that he will always help you with the small or the big problems.

“To be true, an idea must agree with the object it represents.”
– Baruch de Spinoza



International Marketing Manager

Our sweet tooth is responsible for our blog and Pinterest. 2 years ago she was one of the first to join our team. Since then she has greatly increased our readership through her extensive knowledge. However, it took her one and a half years to register her bachelor thesis on ‘Procrastination’.

"What you can uncork today, don't put off until tomorrow."



Digital Design

Our sunshine takes care of our homepage and designs advertisements.
In the office, there is never a bad mood, because she always gives us a smile.
She is the only one who still follows the shift plan that was created a year ago.

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”


Online Marketing

Our adventurous Johanna supports us since June 2020 in online marketing and wherever she is needed. With great pleasure she fulfills our customers’ every (engraving) wish. When she is not at the laser, she is learning new languages or planning her next trip.

"It is what it is, but it will become what you make it."

Fragezeichen Gesicht


Your next job

You are interested in working in a young, dynamic and committed team? You are a team player, are communicative and creative?
Take a look at our vacancies and become part of our team!

Our Support

Geschäftsführer Leo

Leonard Beck

Co-founder and CEO
Friedrich & Patriz Möbel

Standsome Europe’s puppet master directs and coordinates everything over there. Although as managing director and founder he takes care of the international development, he often has to take care of the “small stuff”: Accept deliveries, renovate, pack orders. That’s how it should always be.

Dennis Albert

Dr. Dennis Albert

Friedrich & Patriz Möbel

Dennis, has been with us since the first second. This all-round talent helps us with difficulties and always has an open ear.
We are happy to always be able to rely on our specialist and to have him on board.

Photo showing Prof Kaptain using a Standsome Slim standing desk at his office

Prof. Daniel Kaptain


Our Captain Standsome is a lecturer and health scientist at the German University for Prevention and Health Management. The Standsome wants to contribute a part to your health. That’s why we have a professional on board.