The standing desk for students

Bureau assis-debout à hauteur ajustable Standsome Slim Studysome

No more sitting around while you study! To perform at your peak, you need space and freedom to stand up and move around.   It’s been proven that changing positions while you study and work helps boost your health and your concentration. That’s why we created Standsome standing desks, the perfect solution for students. 

Our desks are lightweight, simple to set up and easy to move around. They’re also adjustable and ergonomic, so you can focus on finishing your term papers without worrying about back pain. Bonus: they have plenty of room for all your essentials—your computer, cellphone, books, class notes and cup (or giant bowl) of coffee.

It pays to study

Standsome Studysome rabais de 15% pour les étudiants

Studying in college or university? As a token of our admiration for your hard work and commitment (and because we know finances can get tight when you’re a student), we’d like to offer you a 15% discount on any standing desk you choose. 

Just send an email with proof of your student status to sales@standsomeamericas.com and we’ll be happy to hook you up! Any document that shows your name, the name of your school, and the name and duration of your program (like a transcript or enrolment letter) will do.

How to get your student discount

1. Send an email via your university mail address to sales@standsomeamericas.com.
2. Receive your personal student discount.
3. Redeem your voucher in our store and enjoy your Standsome.

Standsome Double birch standing desk converter height adjustable front view lifestyle with laptop indoor
Standsome Slim Black standing desk converter height adjustable with working woman front view studysome
Standsome Slim Black standing desk converter height adjustable with man reading a book
Standsome Double in evening action

Our products


Transform your bedroom, living room or even your home gym into an airy and comfortable workspace. Sleek and portable, the Standsome Slim is the perfect standing desk for big minds with small spaces. Available in standard and wide shelf.



With its sizable work surface and two shelves, the Standsome Double gives you plenty of room to store and organize your electronics, work tools and quirky collectibles. A stylish upgrade for your space. 



The Standsome Free Double shelf is an all-in-one standing desk that stands upright on the floor like an artist’s easel. This modern multitasker gives you the freedom to move from room to room and to work standing up or sitting down.