Standing desks for your business

No more claustrophobic cubicles, single-posture (a.k.a. sitting!) workstations or being stuck in front of a screen all day. Your employees need to stretch, move and switch up their workspace to what their bodies and minds need.  

Our eco-friendly desks are easy to move, store and adapt to a range of ergonomic positions. So you can create a healthy and enjoyable work environment for the people who help make your business a success.

Productivity, comfort and efficiency

Set up your space based on your colleagues’ specific needs and boost your team’s performance.  

Standsome desks give your staff the freedom and flexibility to work standing up by an open window, sitting down at a conference room table or sitting on meditation cushions on the ground … wherever the inspiration takes them! With Standsome, your employees can enjoy the benefits of standing up at work, alternate positions, increase productivity and stay focused on what they’re doing in total comfort. 

Explore our three models to find the standing desk that best suits you. 

Customize your Standsome

Looking to add a personal touch?

Turn up the team spirit by personalizing your Standsome desks, whether it’s adding your company logo, employee names or even an inspiring quote. At Standsome, we’re partial to this pearl of wisdom from Mark Twain: “They didn’t know it was impossible so they did it.” 

Our desks are also available in the opaque or translucent shade of your choice. Red, blue, green, yellow or any shade in between, show off your team colors with pride!*

*A minimum number of desks is required to access the different colors. For special orders, please reach out to us by email or phone.
Standsome standing desk customization

Our group order discounts

The more standing desks you buy, the more you save. Take advantage of our special group order rates:

5 to 9 desks

10% off

10 to 99 desks

15% off

100 to 249 desks

20% off

250 desks or more

25% off

*For orders of 50 desks or more, enjoy a reduced rate on laser customizations from $45 to $25 per desk. 

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to work with you to create the workspace of your dreams. 

Success StorY

How we helped BurdaForward

We asked 3 questions to BurdaForward:

A working woman is using a Standsome Slim standing desk converter height adjustable with wide working surface

How did you first learn about Standsome?

BurdaForward colleagues were looking for a way to be more mobile while working. Whether standing – in the courtyard or in the conference room – the Standsome can be set up anywhere and has fulfilled our requirements perfectly.

A working woman is using a Standsome Slim standing desk converter height adjustable with wide working surface

How did the Standsome change your working day?

Thanks to the Standsome, our colleagues are completely flexible in their everyday work. They can work where and how they want. The possibility of working in a standing and sitting position improves their concentration. It favors circulation when getting up and working standing after sitting for a long period.

A working woman sitting on the floor is using a Standsome Slim standing desk converter height adjustable with wide working surface

How do you describe your new "Standsome employees"?

Typical employees using the Standsome distinguish themselves in their flexibility and spontaneity. They are clever and adapt quickly to any given situation of everyday work.

11 reasons why

How the Standsome can help your company:


Health and karma

By ensuring that your employees sit less and move more, you prevent back pain and eventual long term physical issues while increasing productivity.


Efficiency of existing desks

New equipment and new work opportunities mean recognition – increase the satisfaction of your employees with the Standsome.


Employee satisfaction

Ensuring that your employees sit less and move more, makes their work day more plesant and enjoyable.


Progress and development

With more variety in the workplace, you can create new perspectives and new ideas – and move your company forward.



The Standsome offers unique value in being less expensive than most stand-up desks but also more reliable and stylish.



The Standsome is a stable, robust and sustainable piece of furniture designed in Germany and made in North America with local wood.


Customization and identification

The Standsome can be customized with your laser ingraved company logo and potentially with your corporate colours on more special orders.


Handling the Standsome

The Standsome can be put together in a few seconds and stowed away just as quickly. The Standsome Box on Wheels can be used for storage of units on premises. It is also a clever option for companies to manage space.



The Standsome is your most flexible employee and can be deployed anywhere: In the office, in the lounge, on the terrace or in the conference room – why not hold your meetings standing up and increase creativity and productivity!


Fresh marketing

Use the Standsome as a simple but effective marketing tool. As a promotional gift for your customers or for creative advertising space.


Corporate social responsibility

By chosing the Standsome you contribute to reforestation and afforestation in North America through our Canadian and American non-profit tree planting partners.